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Anyone who does not have these skills can be unemployed

Anyone who does not have these skills can be unemployed

heard about digital skills? It consists of the skills needed to handle technologies, such as computers, applications, and software, including the ability to access and analyze information. With the increase in digitization, these skills are becoming increasingly important for personal and professional life.

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Right now, companies demand the ability to use digital tools effectively, so those who don’t control the machines are getting left behind. Better understanding throughout the text.

According to a survey conducted by the European company AND Digital, which operates in the training sector in digital skillsMore than 80% of executives are aware that a lack of digital skills negatively affects their companies.

This information underscores the finding that leaders’ willingness to drive digital transformation in their organizations does not always lead to changes in the work profile of employees.

The skills will be essential for future professionals

Luciana Lutaif, Director of Talent and Organizational Practices at Accenture, a multinational management and technology consulting firm, says that these skills will be an important point in the future for building a successful career. According to her, all institutions in the education sector will need to prepare themselves to be able to train new ones professionals.

Another survey, this time conducted by the US on-demand software company Salesforce, showed that the rate of workers genuinely interested in learning more about digital skills It is low. The percentage is 28%. Most of them, 76%, say they do not have all the resources to enhance their knowledge of the subject.

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One way around this problem is to see if the employer offers ways to improve these skills. skills. COO and co-founder of Grupo Alura, Adriano Almeida, notes that it is important for an employee to take the initiative in the learning process and actually put everything into practice.

between the digital skills The most common are data analysis, basic computer skills, and an understanding of basic Internet security concepts such as protecting personal information and avoiding cyber threats.