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Anthony Fauci says rising cases are putting the US in the "wrong direction" of the epidemicوب

Anthony Fauci says rising cases are putting the US in the “wrong direction” of the epidemicوب

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Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is frustrated by the resistance of a portion of the American population to vaccination

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the coronavirus task force, said the United States is heading “in the wrong direction” for the pandemic, at a time when coronavirus cases are increasing among the country’s unvaccinated population.

“An epidemic among the unvaccinated is forming in the United States,” Fauci said Sunday (25/7), in an interview with CNN.

“I’m very disappointed,” Fauci said, after the CNN anchor provided data from a poll, noting that 80% of Americans vaccinated so far would, or certainly not, accept the vaccination.

“I don’t like blaming people because it makes them back off more,” the doctor continued. “But I would like to see more (political) leaders from low-vaccinated areas encouraging people to get vaccinated. We need to do better,” he said. People are putting themselves in needless distress” due to the high risk of taking Covid-19 and developing health complications.