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Ant at the Olympics since 1996: Remember what the entertainment world was like back then |  Famous

Ant at the Olympics since 1996: Remember what the entertainment world was like back then | Famous

In 1996, the Olympic Games in Atlanta, United States were the first to include women’s soccer. Great for Brazil, which was able to support women in the field. There is one player in particular that catches the eye: Formiga, 43, is making his seventh appearance at the Olympics, being the record holder in postsJust like we count the World Cup, both female and male). It’s a lot of history! And since we’ve had the privilege of wearing our ace of hopscotch for so long, it’s worth remembering how things were back there in 1996.

1996, when Formigo played its first Olympics – Photo: clone

At 8 p.m. (at the time), the unforgettable O Rei do Gado was on the air from June of that year. The fight between Mezenga and Berdinazzi is perhaps the year of those who went through this stage (It is available on Globoplay).

‘O Rei do Gado’ turned 25 in 2021 – Photo: CEDOC

Raul Cortez in “O Rei do Gado” – Photo: Globo / CEDOC

the gang, which you can also watch on globoplayIt was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1996! This was Brazil’s second nomination in this category after “O Payer de Promises”.

Theaters were showing Space Jam with Michael Jordan. Oddly enough, in 2021, LeBron James took on the task of interacting with animated characters.

Michael Gordam from Space Jam – Photo: clone / IMDB

It was the first Backstreet Boys album release period! And that clip right there from Quit Playing Games was made at that time.

Backstreet Boys remember a clip recorded in 1996 – Photo: Playback / Internet

And as those who have only lived know, talking about Backstreet Boys brings up the Spice Girls theme right away! Yes, their first single, Wannabe, is also from that year.

25 Years of the Spice Girls – Photo: clone / Instagram

Unfortunately, there was a very sad fact in 1996: the plane crash with the group Mamonas Assassinas, which invaded the whole of Brazil.

Mamonas Assassinas remains an icon of Brazilian music to this day – Photo: Disclosure

And bringing the conversation to the present, that was when stars like Vitoria Strada and Zendaya were born.

Vitoria Strada – Photo: clone / Instagram

Zendaya – Photo: Instagram