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ANS suspends marketing of 32 health plans after customer complaints;  See the menu – Health

ANS suspends marketing of 32 health plans after customer complaints; See the menu – Health

a National Agency for Complementary Health (ANS) Sale temporarily suspended 32 health insurance Due to customer complaints regarding coverage assistance provided by eight operators. The announcement of the measure, which will go into effect from the 29th, was announced by ANS itself on Friday, the 24th, along with a list of plans whose sales will be prohibited (see list below).

According to ANS, the decision is part of service assurance monitoring, which is the agency’s activity that monitors sector performance and also protects consumers.

It continues after the announcement

The list of plans and operators whose marketing will be suspended has been determined based on complaints submitted by beneficiaries during the fourth quarter of 2022. 42,043 complaints were registered between October 1 and December 31 last year – more than 510 complaints per day.

Monitoring takes into account criticisms of non-compliance with maximum deadlines for consultations, examinations and surgeries, and also when the operator makes any refusals to cover assistance.

The plans, the agency said in a note, “cannot be sold back to new customers unless the operators provide an improvement in the monitoring score.” According to ANS figures, 436,526 beneficiaries will be directly affected by this measure.

The National Complementary Health Agency has also released a list of seven plans that have been suspended and may be marketed again following the issuance of Service Assurance Monitor (See also below).

List of plans that cannot be sold

Good Life Saude Ltda

  • Good emerald
  • Good silver
  • Ruby

feed it. Medical Action Cooperatives of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima

  • UNIVIDA I – Apartment
  • New Unifida I – Nursing
  • Single Individual Family AM – APTO
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The only operator of health plans LTDA

  • The advent of senior favor
  • The advent of a great nurse

Unimed (Rio de Janeiro)

  • Unimed Alpha 2
  • Unimed Alpha 2
  • Unimed Alfa 2 Ad
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Delta 2
  • Unimed Delta 2 PPE
  • Unimed 2 personal group room
  • Unimed 2 personal group room
  • Unimed 2 Ad
  • unicorn

Unimed (Caparaó branch)

Planned medical assistance from Ameplan

  • AMP 150E AD
  • basic computer
  • Executive Plan
  • Executive plan – ca

Santo Andre Medical Assistance Plans LTDA.

  • Orion
  • Referred employees
  • Ruby

Health Brazil Medical Assistance LTDA.

  • classic
  • Classic Plus Association

List of reactivated plans

Unimed (Rio de Janeiro)

  • Unimed Beta 2 Dental PPE
  • Unimed Delta 2
  • Unimed Delta 2
  • Omega Plus Unimed
  • Unimed personal group room
  • UniPart Delta 2

Santa Rita Health Systems Ltd.