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Another step towards the "Botafogo Way": the club introduces the Portuguese systematic coordinator

Another step towards the “Botafogo Way”: the club introduces the Portuguese systematic coordinator

a Botafogo He has a new methodological coordinator. he is portuguese Joao Costawho has already started his activities at the club and is a key player in the integration of the categories, said the director of football Andrei Mazokoon this Monday.

– I would like to introduce Joao Paulo (Costa), who comes to strengthen our team, who has been with us for a while, and will coordinate systematically with Luis (Castro), with Tiano (Gomez, manager Base) and with me. Within this academic process, of inculcating the Botafogo method, they are essential pieces for us to begin the process of implementation and integration. It’s a nice initiative from the department, and we will continue it. It is just the beginning of the building process. We have a huge advantage in having João, who will help a lot in this process, which includes the idea of ​​John (Textor), Luís and Botafogo, all his history, to create an identity for the club. We are in the process of promoting this kind of debate, in order to reap the benefits of Botafogo’s identity in the medium term. The idea is to anchor concepts and mindset to create an identity – explained Mazuku, at a press conference.

Professor Joao Costa talked about his new assignments and what it means to be in Botafogo.

It is a challenge presented by Mr. Luis Castro, which we readily accept. What is his recognition as a person, his skills and values. I really love working like this. There is an expectation of quick wins, in terms of regulation and intervention, and we are beginning to see changes with benefits to this process. Our goal is uniformity. Opening the doors of the professional team will facilitate this process. There will be no different idea, we will act according to the idea of ​​Mr. Luis Castro, with the challenge that John Textor presented to the whole group. It will be in demand on all of us, the coach is always exposed, and so will we. We will demand 100% work, less everything than nothing. The player will know that he must be 100% – joint Joao Costa, who is planning a new integrated training between classes.

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We intend to have a range of activities, seasonal, periodically, rather than on specific dates. This is the first moment of project development. We have other plans. We will work with the whole structure for specific moments of preparation for goalkeepers, media training for players and coaches, and we will add various professionals from physiology and performance analysis. In the second moment there will be other groups. We work with men, women and humans, it is important that we add all our knowledge. Each of us is aware of what can contribute to the role of the other,” he said.

base manager, Tiano Gomez He welcomed and also commented on his expectations.

– We got the excellent professional (Joao Costa), we did the diagnosis and the vertical along with Luis Castro and professional football. What we were already working on was added by an excellent person, a professor, who will add to us as people and professionals. I am sure that the path of Botafogo and this vertical integration with professional football brings us closer and closer. Our structure is not overnight, but small victories do happen. When we have the infrastructure ready, we will be more qualified and organized to take advantage of the new Botafogo – which Tiano has concluded.