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Another short squeeze on the horizon? – What role will the next gamestop play?

Gabriel Plotkin is one of the most talented portfolio managers in the world of hedge funds. He is well versed in retail companies, At the same time the models are built on the basis of a database of bank card transactions that relatively accurately predict the earnings of individual companies. U.S. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he worked for several years at SAC Capital, earning billions of dollars for its investors and chairman, the infamous Steve Cohen, while at the center of the insider business. Many investigators and portfolio managers there have been indicted, and despite the fact that white-collar criminals are often able to escape from prison, many of them remain cold to this day. Plotkin was involved in one of the suspicious cases, according to which the prosecution tried in vain to find the big game, namely Cohen. One of Dell’s unexpected, but initial reports, was obtained through inside information obtained by an analyst at SAC, which helped him reduce his exposure to the stock, avoiding some losses. The FBI proved Plotkin’s involvement because he received an email about it and responded to it. Nevertheless, he escaped not only from prison, but also from prosecution.

Steve Cohen is the former owner of SAC at Larry Fink, the head of Blackrock. Image source: Bloomberg.

Even after being forced to close by SAC officials, he did not have to think about what he would buy Paris at Wal-Mart because he started his own hedge fund Melvin Capital, one of the first investors in which was Steve Cohen himself. Although hedge funds have outperformed the market, Plotkin’s company has risen to more than 30% a year, even after lowering fees. Of course, many have said that such good results cannot be achieved without information, and that they are trying to confirm Cohen’s investment. But they were never prosecuted, and They did not face a serious challenge until January 2021, when they saw that they were facing an enemy they had never imagined.

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The six-season, moderately successful television series, entitled Billions in the History of S.A.C. and Cohen, can also be seen by Hungarian viewers on HBO. The palm here is not taken by Damien Lewis, who played Cohen without speaking, but by the character of Paul Ciamatti, who played the Attorney General. However, the best work on the subject was the Towering Sharks (Wall Street), in which Oliver Stone and Stanley Weiser, who helped create the script, predicted for decades what would happen to the stock market. Michael Douglas, a speculative traveler who traveled to the eighties who traveled dishonestly, has the amazing power and genius of Michael Douglas. That’s why he won the coveted Oscar in 1988. Interestingly, one day in 2015, he rang the final bell of the New York Stock Exchange as one of the 16-year-old inedible superhero movies.

We looked at the following factors for five amazing stocks:

  • Reasons for higher short rates
  • Short share as a percentage of free float
  • Narrow stock compared to regular traffic volume
  • Accumulation days and their effect on transfer rate
  • Indicators based on traffic signs