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Aneel anunciou na terça-feira (19) aumentos de até 24% no CE, RN, SE e BA

Annual Adjustment Frustrates Expectations of Reducing Light Bill – News Articles

With the end of the science of rarity, Brazilians hope it will be Energy will be within everyone’s reach. But this decrease in value will be less than expected, in some states almost none, due to annual adjustments of nearly 24%.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) announced earlier this month that Entering the green flag From 16 and the end of the surcharge, mainly used when Thermal power plants, which have more expensive energy, need activation. According to him, the electricity bill for Brazilians will be about 20% cheaper.

But according to Rodrigo Gilli, technical director of energy consultancy PSR, the reduction will be much less, and it will be mitigated in the periodic increments allowed by Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency). He estimates that “the announcement of a 20% reduction in electricity bills was possible because it was made before the start of the 2022 tariff adjustment cycle, with a few exceptions.”

Anil Modifications

The bell Last Tuesday (19) approved tariff increases in four states in the northeast. The new fees go into effect on Friday (22).

On average, Enel Ceará’s fee will rise by 23.99%, the largest readjustment to date. Residential consumers, rather than convenience, will feel a 0.09% increase in their energy bill.

With an increase of 19.87%, the group will be 4.11% cheaper in Rio Grande do Norte. In Sergipe, the decline will be slightly higher (6.15%), due to a readjustment of 16.46%.

In Bahia, the electricity bill will decrease by 1.38%. Coelba (the electricity company of the state of Bahia) will charge an average of 20.73% more than before.

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Two Midwest states also saw tariff changes, which have been in effect since 16. In Mato Grosso, the value rose 20.36% and in Mato Grosso do Sul, 16.83%. With the annual adjustment and the end of the rarity flag, the bill was 0.04% cheaper and 2.76% cheaper, respectively.

In March, before the end of the surcharge, CPFL Paulista had already undergone an average adjustment of 13.80%. As in Rio de Janeiro, Enel’s fees rose 16.86% and Lite’s 14.68%.

An increase in Rio Grande do Sul’s energy bill is also expected. Anil opened a public consultation on Tuesday to discuss the tariff review for five distributors in the state. The agency will decide on the new indicators that will go into effect on July 22. In the proposal, the average impact on the consumer would be from +6.45% to +19.83%.

Updated forecast

According to estimates by energy consultancy PSR, countries that have not yet had a tariff adjustment will see an average reduction of about 21%. But over the year for residential consumers, a 13.5% increase in fees is expected.

The expectation, then, is that the energy value will not decline as dramatically as would be expected by the end of the surcharges. “Keeping the green flag over the next few months of 2022, as our latest simulations indicate, residential consumers will realize that the average reduction in their energy bill will be a maximum of 7.5%,” says Gilly, Director of PSR.

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