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Anna's real-life girlfriend sues Netflix for defamation

Anna’s real-life girlfriend sues Netflix for defamation

The series, which monopolized the topic of entertainment in February of this year, was the subject of another controversy. Rachel Williams, the former Vanity Fair photo editor who appeared on the series, is suing Netflix for defamation over the way she was portrayed in the series.

  • ‘Inventing Anna’ is an eight-episode fantasy series based on a 2018 New York magazine article that tells the story of young con artist, Anna Delphi, whose real name is Anna Sorokin. Under this identity, Anna would have tricked New York bankers, social officials, hotels and businessmen into raising money, presumably, for her art foundation.

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Anna Delphi chose that she was a wealthy German heiress, had a luxurious lifestyle in the United States and was often seen in high-society circles, bringing her close to many strategic contacts.

In the series, Katie Louise (Scandal) plays Rachel Williams, who is more than willing to accept expensive gifts and travel from Anna Sorokin, but ends up betraying her friend to the authorities after Anna convinces her to make huge demands at her expense. Cards and not paid.

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Lawyers for Rachel Williams have filed representation on behalf of their client in Delaware federal court, and according to information obtained by Deadline Hollywood, Rachel claims that almost everything about the character portrayed on the show was fabricated and paints it in a negative light. The lawsuit also states that Netflix used a real person’s first and last name, along with personal information such as employment and school records.

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“This action will show that Netflix made a deliberate decision for dramatic purposes to show that Williams does or says things in the series that portray her as greedy, arrogant, traitorous, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic,” the lawsuit reads.

Rachel Williams’ lawyers have yet to publicly comment, as has Netflix.