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Anitta signs with Republic Records, says the website – É Hit

Anitta signs with Republic Records, says the website – É Hit

the singer Anita Signed a record deal Republic Records, an arm of Universal Music. The information was confirmed by the American portal diverse.

Anitta terminated the contract with Warner Music in early April, after a series of disagreements with the company. She had signed with Warner Music in the US in 2020 and renewed with Warner Music Brasil in 2013.

The singer has not commented on the new label yet. Republic Records also did not disclose the contract or place Anitta on its list of managed artists.

Among the singers signed by Republic weekendAnd Ariana GrandeAnd Taylor SwiftAnd Another MaloneAnd DrakeAnd Nicki Minaj that it John legend.

Inconsistent with Warner Music

Anitta released a series of public critiques of Warner Music in early March. She made it clear that she wanted to break the contract and asked for a meeting with CEO From the record company.

“This Women’s Day, instead of a nice job, I would like the CEO to do what he promised me a month ago, after I asked how much the fine would be for breach of contract and he said it wouldn’t happen,” Anita says.

At the time, the singer had the photo used in the post in reference to the brand’s Women’s Day. In her posts, the singer has advised younger artists to be careful with everything they sign.

When he signed the contract with Warner Music, it was decided that the relationship could only be terminated after four albums had been released. “However, they are the ones who decide which album they authorize to be released and when,” Anita tweeted with criticism.

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Details of Strong’s contract with Republic Records were not disclosed.