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Anita asks Brazilians for help after leaving US: “Please”

Anita asks Brazilians for help after moving to the US (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Anita, Who currently lives in Miami and has dedicated himself to international life, has used social media in the past Wednesday (27) Ask for help from people who are planning to travel to the United States in Brazil.

The singer, through a series of stories, begged someone to bring her Halloween costume to her home in Rio de Janeiro.

“Need help. Is anyone coming from Brazil to the United States, New York or Miami today or tomorrow?”, Carioca asked.

“My Halloween costume is in Brazil and I recycle it from a friend. There is someone to pick me up! please? Someone? Someone texted me! Any flight attendant, pilot, flight attendant, anyone? “, She went away in frustration.

Recently, she surprised him by talking about his financial career. In a conversation with the press Who, The singer opened up about her situation.

For me, everything worked internationally. Although people may not believe it, I’m not a fan of luxury, and if I want to live on the money I earn here, I will do it because everything works fine., Popular guarantee.

Interested in what she was doing, she scored: “But if we stop working, we’l go crazy. No one is still alive. I’m not in despair, everything is perfect. Even if I choose an eternal vacation, I already feel successful.

Asked if he planned to retire from his career before the age of 35, the artist said: “Plans have been placed. I like to relax, be very quiet in my place and walk a lot. Having children … definitely. It’s still in the planning. “

Living in the United States is a little different from Brazil, said the “Girl from Rio”: “Here I go out, kissing a lot in the mouth. There is confusion! Thought to show this a little. In Brazil, I do it, but it is restricted because it can cause confusion. Here I am riding in the cars of strange men. ”

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