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Anil: The August tariff flag will remain red in August

Anil: The August tariff flag will remain red in August

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has decided to keep the red flag, Level 2, for August. As a result, the cost per 100 kWh consumed remains at R$9,492. According to the agency, there was no change in the country’s hydrological scenarios. In other words, hydroelectric power plant reservoirs are still experiencing a dry period, forcing the use of more expensive energy sources.

“August begins with an equal hydrological perspective, with the main reservoirs of SIN [Sistema Interligado Nacional] At considerably low levels for that time of year. Anil explains that this situation points to a horizon with low hydropower production capacity and the need for maximum activation of thermoelectric resources.

In periods of drought and consequent low levels in reservoirs, it is necessary to capture energy from other types of plants, such as thermal power plants. This type of plant generates energy from fossil fuels such as diesel and gas. In addition to being more polluting, it is also more expensive. Therefore, when thermal power plants are energized, the cost of power generation increases and increases Tariff flag small.

Among the tips Aneel gave to reduce the value of your electric bill are the rational use of the electric shower (shorter showers and warmer temperature), air conditioning (keep filters clean and reduce their use as much as possible) and iron (gather clothes to iron immediately and start with those that require a temperature of lower heat).

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