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Android or iOS? 4 categories to compare

There is an unanswerable question: What is the best mobile operating system? There are basically two to choose from. At least when comparing the popular and best-selling devices in the country, whether they are cheaper or more expensive. Do you prefer Android or iOS?

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There are differences between the two operating systems and they can be decisive when choosing which one you like the most.

Which is the best system: Android or iOS?

Are you a member of Team Apple or Team Google? In other words, there are people who own Android and are fans of the system, while others have the same appreciation for iOS.

Check out a simple comparison of the differences in each. In all, 4 characteristics can be placed between them on each side of the scale.

Android operating system

  • protection: Android is open source, and Google allows others to develop compatible and even parallel software with respect to it. In this way, there are many programmers who can contribute to the improvement of the platform. The problem is that he can make himself more vulnerable to attacks from hackers. However, since 2014, Android has undergone many security improvements.
  • CompatibilityAndroid compatibility depends a lot on the version of the operating system on the device. Not all apps work on different phones.
  • consistencyAndroid: Many brands use Android, especially Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and Motorola. This makes the usage significantly different in several cell phones of different brands.
  • Chip quality: There are at least 5 factories under development Chips Android compatible. Each has a different quality, with many good and some mediocre.
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  • protection: This is one of the most basic iPhone requirements. The code and hardware are locked and no one has access. Due to the complexity of problem solving, the system becomes more secure.
  • Compatibility: With few updates and no difference between manufacturers, it has the most compatibility among still active devices.
  • Consistency: The operating system is used by the same hardware, which makes it more consistent than Android.
  • Chip quality: Chip quality is an important factor in iOS, being the same M1 from 2020.

So what is the answer?

It is worth noting that iOS gives a better rating in all aspects, but this is due to the exclusivity it has in relation to the iPhone. This is a problem for those who want diversity in the device, especially in values. There are great Android devices out there, like iPhones, but the variety means that regular devices are also being produced.