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Android 14 restrictions Install apps outside of official stores

Android 14 restrictions Install apps outside of official stores

To provide more security for users, the next Android will come with a new feature: the expectation is that the Android 14 Block installation of apps that are too old and outside the Google Play Store.

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Although Play Store is the official Android store, it is not the only way to install apps on smartphones. This is because today it is possible to carry out the installation from the outside, the so-called side load.

In practice, the procedure allows the installation of applications that are not available on official stores or are restricted in some countries.

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In short, Android 14 will put restrictions on side load. In practice, applications that are not compatible with the minimum OS version will be blocked. The action will happen even when the user tries to do the installation outside the official stores.

Initially, this lock will only apply to older versions. However, it is expected that, in the medium term, The Google Prevent installation of any app that is not compatible with Android 6.0, as of 2015.

Security and privacy

The purpose of this block is specifically to increase the security and privacy of the users as well. That’s because outdated apps have exploits (or flaws) that hackers use to break into devices and steal data.

Today, the Play Store allows installing Apps Compatible with Android 12. However, the idea is that by sideloading some old apps will still be available as well.

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Finally, even if Google adds restricted apps via sideloading, it’s up to manufacturers to decide. They are the ones who will determine whether smartphones will have the restrictions that Google provides or not.