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Android 13 Tiramisu revealed with privacy menu and more news |  Operating systems

Android 13 Tiramisu revealed with privacy menu and more news | Operating systems

The Android 13 inchestiramisu“at Google I / O 22, this Wednesday (11). Among the notable features of the new mobile operating system are the privacy menu, end-to-end encryption on group messaging, and the new RCS protocol. The update is supposed to be released at the end of 2022 for smartphones, and devices of the Pixel line will be the first to get the update. It should be noted that these models are not sold in Brazil. Next, check the main details of the device Android 13 and the first phones to receive the update.

Android 13 announced at Google I/O; See new jobs – Photo: Marcela Franco / TechTudo

Privacy and security menu

One of the main features that comes to Android 13 is the “Privacy and Security” menu. Located in the Quick Settings tab, the widget combines the permissions to use the camera, microphone, location, and apps in one place. Although this is not the first time The Google Join two similar submenu, this is a notable change shown in Android 13.

To save space, the new menu also lets you check for available security updates. In addition, it will be possible to check information from The Google Play for protection and even data access from Find My Device.

The Android 13 will also bring improvements to the mobile media selector. Now, the system will provide a safer way to identify shared photos and videos with apps. PhotoPicker API, Made earlier this year, allows the user to choose the specific files that applications can access. Therefore, with this feature, it will no longer be necessary to grant permission to access all media stored on the smartphone – a major advance in privacy in Android.

The interface also allows you to locate photos and clips by date, with media preview from newest to oldest. It is also possible to filter the search by only one file type. The maximum number of selections, by default, is one (1).

The new photo picker available in Android 13 allows you to choose specific photos and videos – Image: Playback / Developers

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added in Android 12, Material will receive new layout options and improvements to how it works Android 13. With the update of the operating system, the feature will have new styles, which will be available to apply to the visual modifications of the smartphone. Substitutes have their own characteristics, with variations in shades of the same color. Thus, it will be possible to leave the entire front of the smartphone in shades of pink or blue, for example.

Google I/O: Android 13 announced; See posts – photo: Playback / Android Police

The icon widget with the theme is also expected to arrive as part of the Material You expansion. Colors will be associated with a color palette Android, based on the chosen style of the cell phone. In addition, the application icons displayed on the home screen will be the same shade as the selected background color.

Monochrome icons replace the default option for Android 13 – Image: reproduction / Marcela Franco

End-to-end encryption on group messages exchanged via RCS from The Google

With the help of mobile phone manufacturers, The Google He developed a new messaging protocol called “RCS”. From there, you can share high-quality photos, see when a message was written, and improve your group chat experience with end-to-end encryption. Currently, according to the company, RCS is already enabled for more than 500 million users.

The new messaging protocol improves the experience of sending SMS messages on Android. – Photo: Publicity / Google i / O 22

It should be noted that private messages, which only occur with another person, are already protected by end-to-end encryption by The Google conversation. However, the feature should be expanded to groups later this year, when the protection becomes available in the open beta.

Application languages ​​(Panlingual)

Another novelty of Android 13 is that users will be able to select specific languages ​​for each of the apps installed on the smartphone, rather than applying the same language to the entire operating system. It will be possible, for example, to use your bank’s application in Portuguese and social networks in English. Modification can be controlled in the individual settings of each application, from the new option “Application languages”, located in the “Languages ​​and input” settings.

New functions will also be added to the file google wallet How do Android 13. Now, the app will standardize the way users save and access important items, such as credit cards, plane tickets, student card and vaccination card. It is also worth noting that the file The Google It works with businesses and governments to provide certain documents through google wallet Official, such as office badges, driver’s license and ID.

Google Wallet is getting improvements and lets you include official documents in your wallet – Photo: Disclosure / Google I / O 22

Devices that will receive the OS update

mobile phones The Google Pixel devices, which are not sold in Brazil, are usually the first to receive the update. Android. After the launch, models of other brands present on the national territory are also undergoing modernization. These forms do not have dates for receipt Android 13.

with information from Android PoliceAnd Google I/O 22.

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