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Andre touches the wound and reveals late payments and progress in Assad's political sphere: 'We want help'

Andre touches the wound and reveals late payments and progress in Assad’s political sphere: ‘We want help’

Papa da Cidad’s performance is poor in Brazil. So far, one victory, five defeats and four draws. Leão’s final draw occurred on Wednesday (7), against Atlético-GO, in Goiânia, where Sport was 1-1 with the hosts, in a duel valid for the tenth round of the competition.

The result left Mangotown’s Robro Negro in 16th place, with seven points, one step away from the contention zone, Z-4, the group of four teams to go down. There is still a lot of tournament to be done and the reaction is to be expected in Raçudo da Massa’s team, however, things are not only progressing on the field. After the match, striker Andrei gave an interview and raised issues related to payments and group management.

“We know the situation of the sport, and it’s difficult, we’re here to help. This week there was a very disturbing situation. We don’t get paid, we tell the truth, which we didn’t really get, we received part of April and they tried to say they paid and they threw that responsibility We have to. Since there is a time when we get tired of listening to these things, these are lies. So there comes a time when the fans have to know the truth because everyone comes and criticizes, we know the situation of the sport, we’re committed to that, it’s tough, we’re closed.” They shot the 90’s Sports T-shirt.

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After that, the striker put his finger on the wound, and went further, revealing the scale of the problems Ilha do Retiro faced: “We are not here to paddle to one side and plank to the other, we just want it together. We want to help the fans, we saw that the fans provided a catalyst, we want This, we need him. We need a new president to come and help us because we need it. What we want is help, Andrei said, so we just say there is no problem, everything is clear, we focus on only one thing, which is to help the sport for the better.”

After the resignations of President Milton Pivar and Vice President Carlos Frederico, three weeks ago, the club took over as interim president, manager Pedro Lacerda. Elections are scheduled for July 15. Leão do Norte’s next date in Brasileirão is happening in their fields, Rubro-Negro receiving Fluminense at Ilha do Retiro, this Saturday.