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André Kfoury: "Luis Castro will end the year and show he is the right man to make Botafogo rise in 2023"

André Kfoury: “Luis Castro will end the year and show he is the right man to make Botafogo rise in 2023”

Technical Botafogo since the beginning Brazilian ChampionshipAnd the Luis Castro He had to adapt to Brazilian football, he had moments of difficulty, but he adjusted the team in recent matches. for commenter Andre Kfouryon ESPN’s “Linha de Passe”, the Portuguese coach has been fitting in with the club.

He also analyzed Botafogo’s 2-2 draw with Fluminense.

– It was a great match, from the point of view of gravity, as a football spectacle. The second half was better than the first, which was really fun to watch. The result seems fair to me because Fluminense has momentum from a certain stretch that is not worth losing. But Botafogo made a big impression in the final of the tournament. We can talk about a team that has been assembled at least twice throughout the season, by the technical committee and the coach who has been criticized several times in the stadiums, on social networks and in the media – he said.

Luis Castro will end the year stating that he is the right man to stay at Botafogo, with his knowledge of the club he has already acquired and his relationships with the players he is developing. Having assembled the team three times this year, still unable to invest heavily, he ended the year by showing the fans – who were not satisfied with the result, because he expected victory and believed in it – that when he takes a breath, he can understand. That the team has prospects if it continues to receive investment, which is the path that John Textor has already provided, and with whomever is running the project. Luis Castro is the right coach to make Botafogo rise a bit next year – and convict Andre Kfoury.

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