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Andrade sends a message to Gabigol: “Study history a little more”

Andrade sends a message to Gabigol: “Study history a little more”

ESPN.com.br15 November 2023, at 17:41Reading: 2 minutes.

Hey Flamingo It celebrates 128 years of history on Wednesday (November 15). Share from Gabigol With two glasses of Conmebol Libertadores Next to Zico with only one and without clubs World CupThe club’s biggest achievement sparked controversy on social media.

While fans on social media were divided over the post, the red and black idol spoke directly on the topic: Andradehighlighting the historic team that won the Copa Libertadores and the World Cup in 1981 and won many tournaments with Flamengo.

The Brazilian champion coach with the club in 2009 sent a direct and direct message to Gabigol after the striker “forgot” the biggest achievement in red and black in the post. Andrade stated that Gabigol needs to “know the history of the club”. Moreover, he explained that “there is no comparison” with Galenio.

“I think it’s like a joke, he has two Copa Libertadores titles, he forgot that Zico was world champion. He wasn’t even (world champion), there is no comparison, Zico is Zico. I tell him to study history a little more.” Andrade, who was joined by Moser, said: “Flamengo, didn’t you know Zico was world champion? Damn, it’s a joke.”

“I think it was an unfortunate moment. Maybe I didn’t want to have the audacity to beat our greatest idol, but sometimes it happens. We all make mistakes, some intentionally, some unintentionally. It’s good for him to make mistakes.” “Think about it, Zico taught us a lot of things, what it means to be a professional, a leader and a great friend. I think he deserves a lot of respect.”

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