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Anderson Moreira is Botafogo's new coach

Anderson Moreira is Botafogo’s new coach

Today is the announcement of new coaches across Brazil. In addition to Vasco and Goias, Botafogo released its new captain. This is Anderson Moreira, who was in Fortaleza last season. The new name comes after the team lost to Esmeraldino in the second division.

The former Fortaleza team arrives after another defeat against Glorioso and in a time of great turmoil, with Cariocas only 14th in the Brazilian Series B Championship. He arrives where Marcelo Chamusca left and will have the task of being the club’s coach by the end of the season as a professional at least. This is due to the new rule that does not allow Botafogo to appoint a new captain if he dismisses Anderson.

His last club was Leão do Pici, which he left in April 2021, and which he left after being eliminated from the Copa do Nordest.

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