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Ancelotti explains Bale's absence from Real and reduces the controversy over "Basilo" with Atleti |  Spanish football

Ancelotti explains Bale’s absence from Real and reduces the controversy over “Basilo” with Atleti | Spanish football

And coach Carlo Ancelotti explained, in a press conference, the reason for the absence of Welshman Gareth Bale in the celebrations of the Spanish title that he won. real madrid last week.

Everyone loves Bill. He wasn’t (at the party) because he couldn’t move. It has happened to me. When you have severe back pain, you cannot move. Ancelotti said it’s not because he (him) is far away, (his absence) was because he couldn’t move.

Gareth Bale regrets a missed opportunity against Real Madrid – Photo: EFE / Domenech Castelló

Chatting with reporters, Ancelotti returned to glorify the team after the epic coup against Manchester City in the Champions League. And also, of course, talk about the match against madrid sportsthis Sunday, for the Spanish Championship (ge follows in real time at 16:00 from Brasilia). More exactly on the controversy over the ‘Pasillo’, a traditional gesture for the team’s players, making a sprinter’s tribute to the opposing title. Traditional, but not mandatory. So much so, that Diego Simeone’s team made it clear that he wouldn’t.

– Like I said, if they do, it’s perfect. If not, our respect for Atletico will remain as high as possible – downplay Ancelotti.

Atletico even made the move in 2013, when Barcelona hosted the champions at the Vicente Calderon. Last season’s winner, Colchonero earned Elche’s recognition in 2021/22, in the second round. The team stresses that it does not want to stir up controversy.

In 2013, at the Vicente Calderon, Atletico Madrid made ‘Basilo’ and praised the Barcelona champions: the club should not repeat the situation – Photo: Dennis Doyle / Getty Images

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