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Anatel publishes list of legal TVs to avoid ‘Gatonet’

Anatel publishes list of legal TVs to avoid ‘Gatonet’

Posted on 3/16/2020 8:39 PM

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On Wednesday (15/3), the National Telecommunications Authority (Anatel) launched a page on its website containing a list of approved smart TVs. This measure is part of the agency’s plan to combat illegal practices known as “gatonet”. The purpose of the list is to help the consumer distinguish between certified devices and pirated TV box devices.

To access the list, you just need to enter the Anatel portal. The page displays a list of supported models and their information, such as manufacturer and trade name. Currently, the list contains products approved in the Anatel evaluation process through February 2023.

“When purchasing a TV box or other communications product, it is important for the consumer to check that the equipment bears the Anatel branding and homologation certificate number corresponding to the product model,” the regulatory agency warns in a note.

TV Boxes enable popular TVs to access the cable TV signal, the Internet, and streaming apps, and work similarly to a Smart TV. Products not approved by Anatel are used in illegal practices, pose risks to consumers, and may capture data stored on devices connected to the same network.

Is my TV pirated?

To see if a device complies with the standards, it is necessary to check the list of certified devices. Another tip to see if your TV Box isn’t pirated is to look for the Anatel seal, which should come with the product’s Homologation Certificate number. Upon arrival at the site, enter the code that appears on the stamp, the system must return the product registration. By clicking on the Smoothing Number, the consumer will have access to the Smoothing Certificate and will be able to verify that the data in the certificate matches the device in question.

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