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Anatel orders a ban on abusive telemarketing calls |  telephony

Anatel orders a ban on abusive telemarketing calls | telephony

National Communications Agency (Anatel) announced “strong measures” to combat abusive telemarketing to contain a situation that “completely escapes reasonableness”, in the opinion of Chancellor Emmanuel Campello. From now on, telecom operators will have to ban the number of companies that do this Exceeds 100,000 calls per day. These are the organizations that launch conference calls, usually from Up to three seconds.

The agency has released a series of deadlines for the new initiative. In short, still in mid-June, phone service providers will have to send to Anatel Inclusion of companies abusing the communications service. These companies will have 15 days to adapt their activities and avoid the so-called robocall. The ban itself will start in the period of another month, in the middle of july.

National Do Not Disturb and number 0303 Not Enough to Limit Abuse – Photo: Disclosure / Anatel

“We are saying that these calls will gradually stop because users will either adapt or be blocked in the telecom network,” said Abraão Balbino e Silva, executive supervisor. “No contact in calls for a few seconds“, he added.

Duplicate companies will be able to pay A fine of up to 50 million Brazilian riyals In the event of non-compliance. The procedures do not apply to emergency services and public facilities.

Anatel leaders announce new measures against bot calls – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

Campello denounced the phone lines that were designed to do it Up to 1 million calls per day. “We’re talking about a million people who are bothered by number one,” he added. He called today’s announcement “the harshest action the agency has ever taken.”

It is expected that the precautionary measure will be published next Monday (06). Long live Communication Agency Crusade against abusive telemarketing. today is Do not disturb patriotism and the No. 0303. However, Brazilians are affected daily by dozens of unwanted calls.

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