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Analyst says iPhone 13 will make calls even without a cellular signal

With the expected launch of the next generation iPhone appears to be coming to an end (Will it be in September?), rumors and speculation are spreading around the world, seeking to anticipate news of the new Apple device. This time, it was more than a rumor, but a note to the investor: the supposed new devices iPhone 13 series They will be able to make calls even outside of 4G or 5G coverage.

According to information written by respected Apple technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company’s new smartphone models may come with LEO (Low Earth Orbit) technology, i.e., a low-earth-orbit satellite communication mode. Perhaps the best known example of a LEO satellite is the constellation starlinkInternet service Elon Musk.

Kuo went even further: According to him, LEO communication will also prepare the next Apple Headset AR, Apple Car accessories and the Apple-branded Internet of Things. In the case of the iPhone 13, access to the satellite will be via a dedicated copy of the Qualcomm X60 chip.

How will LEO technology work on iPhone 13?

(Source: skowalewski/Pixabay/reproduction)Source: skowalewski / Pixabay

Kuo explained that in order for LEO connectivity to reach iPhone users, network operators will have to work in partnership with Globalstar, a company satellite communications company Louisiana, USA. This means that to provide users with this ability to connect via satellite, any telecom operator simply needs to use the company’s service.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether satellite communications will be limited to Apple services such as iMessage and FaceTime, or whether the company can run a proxy server to mediate the traffic. The issue of fees for using satellite resources, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), was also not reported.

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