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Analysis: Palmeiras raises the level of aggregation and should have shown more in the Paulistão final |  Palm trees

Analysis: Palmeiras raises the level of aggregation and should have shown more in the Paulistão final | Palm trees

The 2020 season was a historic one for me Palm trees And he increased the level of demand for the Abel Ferreira team. As the people at the club say, previous titles have increased in size, in an expression used to say that from now on, more will have to be done to maintain the level and search for new titles.

This was not what Verdao showed in the Paulista Finals. Last Sunday, he lost the title to Sao Paulo. Against a competitor with good defensive strength and a little help from luck, the palm wasted another chance to lift the trophy in the 2021 season.

Palmeiras semi-final against Sao Paulo – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

First of all, there is no crisis on the part of the Football Academy due to the defeat at Paulistau, a tournament that has always been underestimated by raids with the FPF. But he who understands it correctly, and has already understood it, can also be mistaken. The happy performance in Morumbi proved nothing for Abel Ferreira’s side after the São Paulo goal.

Even the opponent’s advantage, left in an unlikely bid after mistakes in Palmeiras defense, Verdao played a safe match and was not under pressure. The biggest problem is that the team took too long to try to switch positions. And he didn’t change even with the late substitutions.

Rooney and Louise Adriano did not appear in the Morumbi match – Photo: Marcus Ripoli

While the opponent fought over the ball in the offensive court and the division of games intensely, Palmeiras’ team commented in their indifference and in the various technical errors of their attackers. Direct contact turned into a kick anyway, which Sao Paulo supporters easily avoided.

Qualifying for the final after the Libertadores prioritized until the semi-finals of the state championship shows the strength of Verdau and that the team must continue to fight for titles. More with upcoming reinforcements, Dodo comeback cases.

Best moments: Sao Paulo 2 × 0 Palmeiras Final 2021 Paulista

But luck may have helped the opponent open the scoreboard, but it wasn’t that 2021 Paulistau champion. Palmeiras showed difficulty in proposing a match, pressing, and possessing any artistic prominence and was unable to find the individual features of players such as Luiz Adriano, Ron, Raphael Vega, Wesley, Patrick de Paula, and Gabriel Menino.

Palmeiras could and should have appeared more. It is a level of demand that Palmeiras himself has overcome and will continue until the end of the season.