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An Olympic gold medal was found in the trash of an American barbershop

An Olympic gold medal was found in the trash of an American barbershop

Imagine throwing out your establishment’s trash and finding an Olympic gold medal. As false as it sounds, this case took place in a California barbershop. American volleyball player Jordin Poulter won this item at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

According to The Mercury News, was discovered thanks to Neo Hernandez and his wife Maria Carrillo. The pair returned the valuable and hard-earned item to the player.

According to the newspaper, Carrillo said the medal was found during a cleanup. It was inside a black bag, wrapped in a McDonald’s wrapper. The set was at the back of the building.

Jordin Poulter was considered the best setter in the Olympics. The article was inside his car, which was parked at the athlete’s rented house. At the time, she was in training with the USA Volleyball team.

The player admitted to leaving her car unlocked after realizing she had been stolen, but never imagined this would happen. At that time the thief was arrested, but the medal was not found. During an interview at the time, Boulter appealed for the item to be returned.

“My initial thought was, never think the worst, things like that don’t happen. But they do, and it’s unfortunate. You learn very fast when you lose something so special, so precious. It’s as emotional as it is for me, my friends, my family, my teammates. “I don’t think you have. If you have the medal, return it,” he said.

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