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An old man from Rio proves he's a ghost, "has" a priest and inhabits Juma and Jove TV News

An old man from Rio proves he’s a ghost, “has” a priest and inhabits Juma and Jove TV News

After being shot twice and surviving a fire old man from the river (Osmar Prado) will show more and more his superpowers in wet land. This week, the entity will dominate the mind of the priest who will celebrate the wedding Friday (Alanis Jilin) ​​and hollow (Gezzetta Barbosa). The anaconda man will deliver the sermon live from the riverside at the Globo Opera 9 AM.

It will also give another sign that he has transcended by touching the horn as he did when he was Juventino (Irandir Santos), the father of Jose Leoncio (Renato Joyce /Marcos Palmera). More evidence that the enchanted person is not human will emerge when he disappears in front of Erica’s (Marcella Fetter) camera lens and the light “shines” on the photograph taken by Goff.

The power of a guardian in a Friday will become more evident when the whining girl gets into a tantrum and Run away from the wedding itself. It would drive everyone in the groom’s family crazy, but half a dozen words from Velho do Rio would be enough to make her return to the farm on her feet and head straight down the aisle, barefoot and without makeup or accessories.

The jaguar woman will be offended because the priest will say that she is the daughter of God. The angry thinks that the religious rejects his real parents. But her outbreak will only get worse when she wears her wedding dress again. So that guests do not notice the big problem in the Pantanera, seedlings (Bella Campos) and He will marry Tiberius (Ghetu) before.

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Possession with a rustic tone

In the text of the sequel delivered to the production, author Bruno Luberi stated that “a foot of wind blows in the priest’s ear, and his speech, which was a strong tone, leads to the finest sentiments.” The bride, the avenue, will tear off her torso when she begins to understand the words of the parish priest, played by Kaka Amaral. As the novelist highlighted:

Gomaa puts his eyes on the priest’s lips as if he could indulge in these words. And we dive with it… and we see that the words that come out of the priest’s mouth are the words that the old man blows out of his boat, his eyes closed, as if he were blowing them into the priest’s ear.

“I see God in animals. I see God in people. I see God barefoot for a bride crossing an altar clinging to one certainty: love. I see God showing himself, above all, in love. Love of self., in love of neighbor, nature. Therefore, I believe that God can, indeed, be among us. He will not be in everything that is… but he will certainly be in everything where there is love,” the entity says through the priest’s mouth.

Joao Miguel Jr. / TV Globo

Friday and Jov in the wedding scene

So that two tables made of the same tree may or may not have God inside them, depending on the love with which that tree was planted. From the love with which she was treated, and finally, from the love with which the table was carved. People are like this, they may or may not carry God within them. Call him by any name, but you will speak in the name of the same God as me if you do it with love … with the same love that unites these pairs.

Guests will be in absolute silence, and the delightful spectacle will continue to blend images of Juma and Joff with images of Pantanal and Filho do Rio babbling through the entire speech.

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“And I hope that each of you, each in his own way, may learn, as I have learned during my time on this farm, to hear the voice of God in all things. Now, you may kiss the brides..or the brides may kiss the bride and the groom as they prefer,” The priest concludes, but the audience will see the happiness of the newlyweds and the old man from Rio, smiling, satisfied. The scenes are scheduled to go live This Tuesday (19).

Written by Benedetto Roy Barbosathe television series Pantanal was broadcast in 1990 by Manchete (1983-1999) which now ceases to exist. Globo edition modified by Bruno Luperi, the grandson of the story’s creator, and will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time Crossing over, Gloria Perez’s plot.

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