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An Israeli study indicates that the fourth dose does not prevent Omicron variant infection

The second booster dose increases the antibody level, but still in a way that doesn’t prevent more cases


a Fourth dose Vaccines Pfizer and yes modern against COVID-19 They are able to increase the levels of antibodies in the human immune system beyond the third dose, but they are still not able to completely prevent infection with the virus. micron variable, refers to a preliminary study of Israel Released this Monday, 17. Sheba Medical Center, in Tel Aviv, gave the fourth dose of Pfizer in 154 employees, Moderna’s dose in 120, and only three doses were left for the control group. According to the director of the hospital’s infectious disease unit, Gili Regev Yochai, a higher level of antibodies was detected. “However, that may not be enough for Ômicron. We now know that the level of antibodies needed to protect and not get infected is probably too high for a vaccine, even if it is a good one.”

The results have not yet been reviewed or published, and the study was the first of its kind in the world. Israel is one of the countries with the most advanced vaccination in the world, and it is already providing the fourth dose to the elderly and health professionals. Ômicron caused a new spike in new cases in the country in January, but not an increase in hospitalizations and deaths from the virus, which has been attributed to the effectiveness of vaccinations. The new strain, although more transmissible, has been shown to cause less serious disease.

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