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An image of a Chinese chicken skin spreads in Vila Velha supermarket

An image of a Chinese chicken skin spreads in Vila Velha supermarket

Chicken skin SR 2.99 / kg. The photo went viral on the Internet over the past week. Credit: Reproduction | social networks

A picture showing trays of chicken skins being sold in a supermarket in Holy Spirit It went viral on the internet last week. In the photo, the product – which is traditionally donated or even discarded – is advertised for R$2.99 ​​per kilo. The “show” angered netizens.

Many comments were posted on social media. In one, a profile mocks the marketing, saying “Brazil is taking off”. Another asks: “How far have we come?” (See more examples below).

What do people say

As shown in the photo, the tray had a label from a refrigerator in Espiritu Santo. However, for FolhaPress AgencyKarojy Alimentos stated that he “never sold chicken skins and that the label was improperly used in the processing of the product by Supermercado Faé, in Vila Velha”.

Report required Newspaper“Products have already been collected,” said an employee of the establishment located in the Pramaris district. Without introducing himself, he refused to answer other questions. “That’s it,” he said. Then the connection was lost.

Is this offer? See fallout on the web

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