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An iceberg the size of São Paulo breaks up in Antarctica

An iceberg the size of São Paulo breaks up in Antarctica

A glacier broke off near a science station in the United Kingdom, the size of the city of São Paulo; Understand!

A group of scientists announced last Monday, the 23rd, that there is a sizeable glacier City of Sao Paulo Separated from one ice shelf, It is close to the UK Science Centre Antarctica. The episode on Sunday the 22nd, however, is not related Climate changes.

According to the British Antarctic Survey (PAS), an organization that studies the polar regions, the Ice cube Then it came Strong current in the region It widened the crack that was already in the platform. At 1,550 km², the platform is about the size of the city of São Paulo, which is about 1,520 km².

Another glacier of similar size had already broken off in the same area two years ago. Named on stage Ice cubeBruntToday, according to G1, the location is home British Science Foundation Halley VI. Some glaciologists say Big cracks Ice sheets have been increasing over the past decade.

Constant fear

Decided to move BAS Halley VI site 2016 to another location about 20 kilometers away, fearing that the station To float on an iceberg. As quoted in a note, glaciologist Dominic Hodgson Statements:

This detachment was expected and is part of the normal behavior of the Brunt Ice Shelf. It’s not linked to climate change.”

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