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An employee loses a prize of 620,000 Brazilian riyals after eating the “winning potato”

An employee loses a prize of 620,000 Brazilian riyals after eating the “winning potato”

People who have accidentally lost prizes in one way or another have had their lives plagued with misfortune. Often it was the result of a completely unexpected situation or event, like ending up with evidence that you found something really valuable. It’s sad when a prize that was on hand disappears due to a funny situation.

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It would be comical if it weren’t for losing the prize

In England, a curious fact happened in Shropshire, where a supermarket clerk, Don Sagar, ended up eating the precious potatoes that were in the package she had just been given. The award was 100 thousand pounds, equivalent to 620 thousand riyals, which led to some embarrassment, because she was not aware of the promotion announced by the institution itself.

Ready-made salted potatoes always hold competitions

The ready-made salted potato brand is known not only for its flavor, but also for its unusual competitions, in which consumers are given creative challenges. Although the woman was unlucky this time, the brand was highlighted on social networks because of the incident, but she said that inattention when eating chips always leads to regret.

Between laughter and lamentation on social networking sites

Many people on social media sympathized with the employee who lost the opportunity to increase her wealth by eating a potato. In addition to regretting the bizarre event, many have enjoyed this story and made some parodies of employee luck. She herself claims that she would not mind it, but would be very happy to receive the reward.

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Dawn Sagar only found out about the award after the publications

The idea of ​​the competition was to honor the consumer who found the potato in the shape of a heart. Unaware of this detail, she posted the pictures on Instagram, but ended up eating the food right away. Dawn Sagar, a mother of two daughters, hopes to have the same luck another time, but her misfortune of losing half a million Omani riyals does not follow quickly.