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An American journalist – The United States is asking Myanmar to ‘immediately release’ the international community

The United States on Friday called on the ruling “military regime” in Myanmar to “immediately release” American journalist Daniel Fenster detained in Yangon.

“We are deeply concerned about the arrest of Daniel Fenster, a U.S. citizen who worked as a journalist in Myanmar,” a State Department spokesman said.

“We call on the military to release him immediately, and we will continue to do so until he returns home safely with his family,” he added, adding that the US embassy in Yangon had requested that the detainees be approached but could not do so.

“We urge the Burmese government to grant diplomatic access as established by the Vienna Convention,” the spokesman said. “The arrest of Daniel and his arrest or use by the Burmese military against other journalists is an unacceptable attack on freedom of expression in Myanmar,” he stressed.

He added that US diplomatic missions “emphasize the need for independent, independent media, which are essential for the creation of free, flexible and prosperous communities.”

Frontier Myanmar’s editorial director Fenster was arrested on Monday while boarding a flight to Malaysia at Yangon International Airport, the newspaper reported on Twitter, saying he did not know the reason for his arrest.

“We are concerned and we ask for his immediate release,” Border said.

Fenster, 37, worked in border Myanmar for a year and was flying to Malaysia to visit his family when he was arrested, according to author Thomas Keane AFP.