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James Barney Jr was attacked by a crocodile in a Florida lake

An American escapes after being snapped in the head by a 3.5-meter crocodile

Juan Carlos La Verde, a firefighter and paramedic in Oldsmar (Florida, USA), lived a drama: An American alligator (American alligator) with a length of 3.5 meters cut off its head.

He was swimming in Lake Thonotosassa, outside Tampa, on August 3, when an alligator swam just above him and began to attack, according to WFTS Tampa News.

The American was swimming in the lake to shoot an educational video for his company, Defeat X.

Defeat X focuses on “helping others overcome their own suffering through healthy exercise and outdoor adventures,” according to a description of the GoFundMe page his friends and wife Kristen created for him after the attack.

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Juan Carlos claimed that he thought the only reason the crocodile was released was because somehow it happened Timid.

“I immediately tried to open his jaws because I knew his head was in the mouth of a crocodile,” the victim recalls. “When I felt the teeth, I knew right away that I either turned him or me, but the crocodile was confused, just as I was confused, and then he let me go.”mentioned.

The American said that the crocodile gave One big bite. WFLA 8 reports that away from the predator, Juan Carlos swam to a nearby pier and called for help.

Juan Carlos A . underwent The surgery lasted six hours. The firefighter was kept under observation for ten days in the hospital. crocodile teeth full of bacteria. Bites often cause infection. But the American recovered well and got out.

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Lake Thonotosassa has already recorded other attacks. In 2014, for example, A 9-year-old boy survived after fighting a 2.7-meter crocodile. the boy stayed with 30 body wounds After being hit by reptiles three times.

James Barney Jr was attacked by an alligator in a lake in Florida Photo: clone

“I felt his jaw and teeth. I didn’t know what to do. So I immediately responded and hit him a few times. Then, finally, I still had enough strength to open his jaw a little.”James Barney Jr. said.