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An airline is suing a website that advertises ticket prices

An airline is suing a website that advertises ticket prices

Airlines low cost Southwest Airlines is suing the airline ticket websites Skiplagged.com and its partner Kiwi.com for advertising rates, offering to sell tickets, and using their logo in unauthorized ways.

As strange as it may sound, Southwest is an airline that does not allow its tickets to be distributed outside of its official website or through its somewhat restricted network of partners. For years, the company has sued several ticket consolidation companies for advertising its flights in an unauthorized manner, even though these sites were not necessarily illegal.

And speaking of these recent cases, the company has obtained positive decisions in the procedures that are taking place in the US courts, Take a story from the Business Insider website. The company has already had favorable provisions in both the Skiplagged and Kiwi suits, such that these sites are strictly prohibited from searching for information on the Southwest site and making it available to their customers.

Interestingly, the injunction also prevents companies from showing any information related to the Southwest operation, including flight destinations and times, which is public. Something very wrong, which was not yet visible, must have happened.

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