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An actor from the movie “De Volta à Lagoa Azul” poses with his son in an Instagram photo

An actor from the movie “De Volta à Lagoa Azul” poses with his son in an Instagram photo

Back to the Blue Lagoon team

Photo – Playback / Columbia Pictures

In Return to the Blue Lagoon, a widow and her two children are left behind on the high seas in a small boat after a cholera epidemic breaks out on board. After several days of sailing in the Pacific Ocean, they find Paradise Island.

At the site, Lily and Richard must learn to survive on their own after a woman dies. As they become adults, they both discover details about themselves and their bodies.

Richard played the role of the actor Brian Krause. He grew up in El Toro, California, and was the youngest of two children born to Alice and Jeff Krause. His first television appearance was as one of the students of the series ‘TV 101’.

After that, he appeared in the cast of other productions until he was cast in the 1991 classic. It was directed by William A. Machine”.

Brian is currently 54 years old. He was married to Beth Bruce between 1996 and 2000, and became a father to Jamen Krause. The star appeared alongside her heir in a photo posted on Instagram.

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