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An $80 million luxury yacht with a “huge hole in the hull”

A Rome-based design team has unveiled renderings of a new design for a 69-meter yacht with an “open pit” right in the middle, dubbed The Shape.

Previous presentations by models include a swan-shaped yacht and one designed to look like a shark, but Lazzarini Design Studio’s latest superyacht concept can be considered one of the boldest yet.

The model, which should run entirely on clean energy, has a huge opening in its chassis, resulting in a distinctive silhouette.

Dubbed the “roof hatch”, the space is accessed through an entrance at the arch and has steps that descend to sea level, making it an ideal area for sunbathing, and can be customized according to the owner’s needs.

Meanwhile, the top of the yacht is equipped with a glass-bottomed infinity pool, providing swimmers with a great view of the open space below.

The living room, located at the rear of the superstructure, consists of six suites that can accommodate up to 12 guests.

“Due to the stylistic choice of placing a ‘hole’ within the superstructure, the space at The Shape is a true luxury,” say the designers.

There’s also a diving platform on board, a helipad, a garage full of toys and all the luxuries typical of a yacht of this stature.

The Shape, estimated to be priced at €69 million (about $80 million), will be fitted with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system, and will run entirely on clean energy, with a top speed of about 24 knots (about 24 knots .44 km/h). , or 12 knots in full electric mode.

The solar panels on the deck must be used to charge all the electrical systems on the deck.

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While it’s still just a concept, the Lazzarini team says the funky design has received a lot of attention from sellers since its unveiling.

If The Shape is ordered, it could take about 20 months to build and run the model, according to the designers.

The iconic concept is one of many innovative superyacht designs that have been revealed in recent weeks.

In September, German shipyard Lurssen debuted a new zero-emission superyacht concept inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland” at the Monaco Yacht Show, while Italian shipyard Tankoa chose the same event to launch its impressive steel and aluminum Apache concept. .

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