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An 8-year-old boy dances and steals the show in a school performance |  Behavior

An 8-year-old boy dances and steals the show in a school performance | Behavior

It was only meant to be one School winter show from California, in the US, but the video ended up going viral, thanks to Jaden Williams, one of the students. With his wild dance moves, the 8-year-old boy stole the show and conquered the internet. A colleague’s mother filmed it and modestly posted it on social networks, but the photos have now accumulated over 20 million views – and they continue to circulate.

Jaden stole the show at the school presentation – photo: playback / Instagram

The elementary school performance was held in Menlo Park, Bay Area, and Jaden put on a real show. I just started dancing The boy told the channel ABC🇧🇷 “I was feeling energized,” he explained.

Before the day of going on stage, the boy was already worried and could not wait to perform. “I was so excited to do it,” he said. “When will the concert start?” asked Mrs. Harrington, my music teacher. I was very happy.

The family did not expect such an effect. Your classmate’s mother Posted on Instagram and sort of take it off. “It was a sign of my wife,” Kirk Williams, Jaden’s father, said in an interview with the channel. ABC🇧🇷 “From there, it started to go viral,” he added.

According to his father, the boy is very passionate about any activity he does, from art to sports, including, of course, dancing. Music has been present in Jaden’s life since he was born. “It’s been like that ever since He started walking. “We had a lot of parties here at home, and she always played a lot of music,” Kirk said. “Wherever we go—friends’ homes, parties, weddings—he’s always the center of attention,” he said.

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Despite Jaden’s entertainment skills and love of dancing, his target is attached to sports🇧🇷 He says he intends to become a professional football player and hopes to meet his two favorite San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bossa and Debo Samuel.

Watch the video below (if you can’t see it, click here🇧🇷