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Amid issues with the 787's board, Boeing is asking for an exemption from complying with the rule

Amid issues with the 787’s board, Boeing is asking for an exemption from complying with the rule

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For several years now, American manufacturer Boeing has faced challenges in plotting its 787 Dreamliner, and to get around this once and for all, it is seeking an exemption from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on some of the regulations. . The manufacturer says it can solve the problem with a new paint system, but “Many legal provisions are delaying the completion of this project.”mentioned an article by Reuters🇧🇷

The problem is not new to Boeing and was first officially reported in 2020, when the US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued an alert to model operators. At that time, it was reported thatSome examples of the 787 are prone to paint adhesion failure due to UV damage. ”

A subsequent FAA document recommended it as a short-term solution Use adhesive tape over the affected areas. Then, several Dreamliners are seen flying with wing surfaces taped to cover the falling crust. Another recommended solution was to repaint the surfaces of the wings and the horizontal stabilizer at a shorter interval than standard.

However, Boeing proposes another solution, on the one hand, because it does not approve of the use of tape, which may give the impression of insecurity to passengers, and on the other hand, because it is aware that frequent repainting can wear out the material on the wings. The manufacturer, then, says that would be the solution “Incorporate a layer of UV blocking black topcoat between the primer and white topcoat, as well as increase the overall thickness allowed for the exterior topcoat.”

And he continues: “Because the thickness of the outer surface can affect the lightning protection of a fuel tank, and because black has a higher ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation than the current paint scheme, this change must be evaluated in terms of its effect on preventing damage. fuel tank”🇧🇷 This is where the exemption request comes in. “Thus, the waiver is required to allow the timely integration of this fleet maintenance solution to reduce the load on the aircraft fleet.”🇧🇷

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Boeing’s request could be sensitive for the Federal Aviation Administration, which has to tip the scales to make sure passengers board a safe plane. Simply opening the exception without checking the security of the proposed solution can lead to future liabilities for the regulator. Perhaps that is why the problem has not been resolved yet.