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Amid congressional defeats, Lula embarks on another international trip

President Lula (PT) embarks on another international trip this week. After visiting Portugal and Spain two weeks ago, PT will lead another official delegation, this time to the United Kingdom, where he will attend the coronation of King Charles III.

Planaldo announced that Lula would arrive in London, 13 hours from Brasilia, on Friday (5th), but the president had no official appointments on the agenda for Thursday (4th). Makotsavam will be held on Saturday (6). A reception at Buckingham Palace and a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are planned during the visit.

This week was marked by Lula’s defeat in Congress, which failed to approve the censorship plan (Bill 2630/20), one of the PT administration’s obsessions since the new government’s inception.

This Wednesday (3) night, the chamber also approved the overthrow of Lula’s decree that removed the basic sanitation framework approved in the Bolsonaro government.

I repeat?

On April 20, as he proceeded on his trip to Portugal, Lula “fled the crisis” around Gonçalves Díaz, former minister of the Institutional Security Office (GSI), and was caught in pictures of the inner circle of Planaldo Palace and leading the invaders. Riots on 8 January.

In the four months since taking office, Lula has already visited the United States, China, Portugal and Spain.

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