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Americans suspect microwave attacks may have caused Havana Syndrome

Americans suspect microwave attacks may have caused Havana Syndrome

The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) suspects that Havana Syndrome, whose symptoms include migraine, dizziness, pressure in the head, memory loss, and cognitive difficulties, which may be caused by microwave attack, a form of direct energy.

The new syndrome is mysterious and has been affecting people since 2016. The United States believes that at least three employees of Consulate in Geneva, in Switzerland, and one in Paris, France, were two victims.

The hypothesis raised by NAS as a trigger for the syndrome has not been proven. Information from the newspaper. or Globe. The US government has been looking for explanations for six years. It is suspected of Russian interference in the new issues.

At the time it was first noticed, the syndrome struck US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba in late 2016. Washington and Havana have just re-established diplomatic relations severed more than half a century ago. This raised the possibility of acts of sabotage to undermine the diplomatic rapprochement.

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In all, there are reports of at least 200 cases of diplomats, embassy staff and relatives affected by what the US government calls “health anomalies” around the world.

Suspected cases are also being investigated in China, Germany, Serbia and Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Some people with the syndrome have persistent symptoms and some stop having symptoms. Brain damage such as that caused by explosions or car accidents has also been reported. Some patients report feeling as if they have been hit by blast waves or energy rays, or have heard unusual sounds.

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“We are working overtime across the government to understand what happened, and who is responsible,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last Thursday (13) in an interview with the American channel. MSNBC. “Right now, we don’t know exactly what’s going on and we don’t know exactly who’s responsible,” he says.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at least one of the three Swiss cases must be flown to the United States. Diplomats in Paris, in turn, were notified of the suspected case in an email sent by the heads of diplomatic representation.

Washington suspects that the Kremlin in Moscow is behind these incidents. At the end of last year, the director of US intelligence, William Burns, said there would be consequences if any Russian involvement was proven.

still according to or balloonAnd Geneva and Paris, the two cities where the latest cases were reported, hosted meetings on Ukraine’s border tensions with Russia last week. Blinken said concerns about the syndrome were addressed during talks between diplomatic representatives.


What makes the investigations by the US Consulate difficult is the lack of concrete evidence or informants. Some experts suggest that they may be stress-related cases, something that authorities and victims have ruled out. There is also a hypothesis that the symptoms have different causes depending on the location.

The White House and Congress have improved access to medical services and facilitated financial compensation for victims.

Agencies such as the FBI and the CIA are working together to assess images and forensic evidence, while mobilizing the government to implement measures that allow for the identification of direct energy being released against US diplomatic representation.

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However, according to the US government, it may take some time for the cause to be confirmed, since much of the information is classified and appears to be an invisible enemy. So far, Americans have also been unable to intercept external communications that indicate a motive, and clinicians cannot determine the diagnosis, pattern, or treatment.

However, former government officials suspect that the events may have started before 2016. Some believe that the devices the Russian government used in the 1990s to spy on CIA agents working in US embassies could cause nausea and other symptoms.

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