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Americanas (AMER3) excluded from 14 B3 index after filing for judicial recovery

Americanas (AMER3) excluded from 14 B3 index after filing for judicial recovery

After filing a request for judicial restitution on Thursday afternoon (19), Americana (Amer 3) of the 14 Brazilian stock indexes as of Friday (20).

According to B3, you must leave the shares of the retailer Ibovespa (IBOV)from the lowercase index (SMLL)from the carbon efficiency index (ICO2)from the consumption index (icon)index of Brazil (IBXX)of the value indicator (IFBX 2)From the Broad Brazil Index (IBRA)from the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE)from the Brazil 50 index (IBXL) he is from GPTW (GPTW Certified Business Index as Best Places to Work).

Stocks will also emerge from Corporate Governance Indices: Equity Index with Differentiated Corporate Governance (IGCX)Business Corporate Governance Index (IGCT)Corporate Governance Index – Novo Mercado (IGNM) The arrow pointer is marked with a divergent length (ITAG).

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According to B3, the exclusion will take place after the close of trading tomorrow. The Company’s share in the indices will be proportionately redistributed among the other portfolio members, with appropriate adjustment in the indices diluters.

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Regarding the company’s sustainability index (ISE), the company has been in the process of evaluation since last Thursday (12). From the company’s response and evidence B 3 It chose to exclude the retailer from the ISE. However, since the company will be listed under judicial recovery, it will be disqualified under this standard and will be treated similarly to other indices.