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Americana (AMER3) publishes a list of creditors with nearly 8,000 names and a total debt of R$41.23 billion;  See highlights

Americana (AMER3) publishes a list of creditors with nearly 8,000 names and a total debt of R$41.23 billion; See highlights

After judicial recovery, Americana (Amer 3) petitioned the Fourth Capital Companies Court reporting that its total liabilities subject to the transaction amount to R$41.23 billion, owed to 7,967 creditors.

The list of creditors is divided into four categories, which include individuals, legal entities, and consolidated entities: Category 1, with a total of R$64,942,121.99 and 321 names; The third category (defined as “debts with third parties”), is the largest, with a total of 41,056,749,122.82 debts to 6,438 names. There is also Category IV, with R$109,484,866.54 in debt and 958 names, as well as Extracursal (interstate, municipal and public agencies), with R$4,723,175.27 in debt and 250 names.

In the petition, Grupo Americanas also provided the nominal list of all its creditors, with banks and technology companies, among others, appearing in the document, as a chocolate manufacturer.

amphif (ABEV3) in the list; The beverage factory belongs to the same shareholders as the retailer, Jorge Paolo Lehmann, Marcel Telles and Beto Secubira. The debt amounted to R$4.1 million. Another big debt is with B2W Lux, the company that acts as a marketplace for Americana, totaling R$3.2 billion.

Among banks, Deutsche Bank emerges as the largest creditor, with R$5.2 billion, followed by Bradsco (BBDC4), in the amount of R$ 4.5 billion, Santander Brasil (San P11) and BTG Pactual (BPAC11), the latter two having R$3.6 billion and R$3.5 billion, respectively.

Among the suppliers, Samsung stands out, with which the company has tied up a debt of R$1.209 billion.

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Check out the list of major creditors:


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Deustche Bank: R$5.2 billion

Bradesco: R$4.5 billion

Santander Brazil: 3.6 billion Brazilian reals

BTG agreement: R$3.5 billion

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Futuranthem: R$3.2 billion

Italy: 2.7 billion Brazilian reals

Harvest: R$2.5 billion

Banco do Brasil: 1.3 billion Brazilian reals

Caixa Econômica Federal: 501 million Brazilian reals

technology companies

Google: 94 million Brazilian reals

Apple: 98 million Brazilian reals

Facebook: 11 million Brazilian reals

Chocolate makers

Nestlé: 259 million Brazilian reals

Mondelez: 97 million Brazilian reals

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Neugebauer: 15 million Brazilian reals

Hershey: 16.7 million Brazilian reals

electronics manufacturers

Samsung: 1.2 billion Brazilian reals

CIMPE: 70 million Brazilian reals

LG: 52.8 million Brazilian reals

Lenovo: 31 million Brazilian reals

Dell: 36.8 million Brazilian reals

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