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American Crime Story: Sarah Paulson Explodes 'Painful' Criticism After Phobia Accusations;  Understand Rolling Stone

American Crime Story: Sarah Paulson Explodes ‘Painful’ Criticism After Phobia Accusations; Understand Rolling Stone

Sarah Paulson dressed up as a public servant, Linda Tripp

actress Sarah Paulson Was responsible for the public servant’s interpretation Linda Trip in a Impeachment: American Crime Story (2021) and on the role of used padding clothing. Because of the situation, she was accused of obesity-phobia. And while the artist acknowledged the legitimacy of the controversy and spoke about the “painful” criticism via NME.

“It hurt my feelings, but partly because I felt it [uma crítica pessoal], as it always happens when you are criticized for your work, but it is very difficult not to take it personally,” the actress stated in an interview with wrap.

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She continued, “It’s very hard not to say, I’ve only had two years of my life and gained 30 pounds to play this role. I slept and breathed and cried and bled. Linda Trip for two years. So sitting at your computer and deciding that the effort might not be worth it, and I probably wasn’t supposed to be the one playing it, it’s very painful and wrong too. “

Previously, speaking of controversy, Paulson He argued that, “Imagine that the only thing any actor who is invited to play this role has to give is his physique, is a real reduction in the show the actor has to give.” In this way, she does not believe that the “actor bears all the responsibility” – who, in her case, is “challenging her life”.

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Accountability: An American Crime Story:

produced by ShowRyan MurphyAnd Impeachment: American Crime Story Examines the national crisis that led to the first impeachment trial of an American president in more than a century […] The series shows how the authority elevates some and expels others in the corridors of the most sacred institutions.

with Benny FeldsteinAnd Paula JonesAnd Margo MartindaleAnd Eddie FalcoAnd Anthony GreenAnd Billy EichnerAnd Kobe Smulders e Colin Hanks In the cast, the production debuted on September 7 in the United States.

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