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The United States has said Russia has compiled a list of Ukrainians to be killed or captured

America says Russia has prepared a list of Ukrainians to be killed or captured | World

The Russia I prepared a list of Ukrainians to be killed or captured in the event of an invasion Ukrainesaid the government we In a letter sent to the Human Rights Commission United nations Which came down on Sunday (20).

The letter indicates that the US government is concerned and warns of a potential “human rights catastrophe”.

The US government claims to have reliable information indicating that Russian forces are preparing lists of Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps after a military occupation, the letter says.

A Russian ship in the Black Sea during a military exercise on February 12, 2022 – Photo: Courtesy / Russian Ministry of Defense

Adds the letter sent to the High Commissioner for Human Rights United nationsChilean Michelle Bachelet.

The memorandum is signed by the US ambassador to United nations In Geneva, Bathsheba Neil Crocker, warns that the Russian invasion Ukraine It would provoke abuses such as kidnapping or torture, and could target political and religious dissidents and ethnic minorities.

The Russia Send more than 150,000 soldiers to the border with Ukraine In the past few weeks

The Russian government denies it has plans to attack the neighboring country, but demands guarantees Ukraine It will not join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that the military alliance will withdraw its forces from Eastern Europe, proposals rejected by Western countries.

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