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America imposes sanctions on Russia |  Scientist

America imposes sanctions on Russia | Scientist

You are United State On Thursday (15) it announced that it would impose sanctions on Russia As a reaction to the Russian interference in the US elections and a hypothetical attack operation, I gained access to data from US government agencies.

The United States announces sanctions on Russia for poisoning and arresting Alexei Navalny

Thirty-two entities or individuals who participated in disinformation campaigns were sanctioned in the 2020 elections.

A March 2011 photo shows then-US Vice President Joe Biden welcoming then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Moscow – Photo: Alexander Nattroskin / Archive / Reuters

There are also penalties for eight entities or individuals due to Occupation of the Crimea, Who was from Ukraine and Russia conquered it in 2014.

This action was taken by executive order of the President Joe Biden.

With sanctions, US financial institutions will not be able to purchase Russian debt securities (only in the secondary market).

This is expected to make it more difficult for the Russian Treasury to roll over its debt.

Six Russian companies have been identified as supporters of hypothetical attacks.

Actions were already awaited. The Russians sent soldiers to their country’s border with Ukraine in recent days.

I mentioned the three reasons

The United States has listed three main reasons for the sanctions:

In a phone call on Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir PutinJoe Biden warned that the US government would take measures to defend the interests of the Americans, without specifying the timing or procedures.

On the phone call, the two talked to organize a final meeting.

In January, before taking office, Biden said he would respond to the Russians’ actions to interfere in the US elections.

The order should include a warning about other penalties.

The idea is to send a message to the Russians so that they understand how unhappy the Americans are, but without cutting diplomatic ties.

Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there would be retaliation, which would be entrenched on the basis of the principle of reciprocity. He also said that the sanctions do not contribute to the meeting of the two presidents.

The expectation is that US allies in Europe will make statements in support of US actions.

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