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Ambev opens over 300 internships and intern positions;  See how you participate

Ambev opens over 300 internships and intern positions; See how you participate

Ambev, on Tuesday (31st), opened registration for its Internships, Internships and Coaching programs. In all, there are more than 300 vacancies for fresh talents from all over Brazil. Vacancies for positions in the areas of finance, technology, business, supply and logistics.

According to the company, selection processes are done online and candidates will have feedback at all stages. All three programs are open to a wide audience and there is no limit by college, course, age, or English language level.

The acting program is the only one that has requirements. Vacancies targeting black and black students. The program is similar to training, but focuses on accelerated career development for this target audience.

Regarding the choice, there is news. The traditional logic test has been replaced by innovative and interactive games. And the video step became more flexible. Now, each person can choose whether or not to appear in the video.

And more: For the first time, the trainee will have vacancies in the logistics field. This track joins the other three career tracks in Business, Supply and Technology. Notably, AMPIF offers English language scholarships to those hired and other benefits, such as additional stipend in the first month of the contract, orientation, psychological support, and financial and legal guidance.

Interested parties can register until September 17 at The company’s website.

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