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Amazon's Warms Up Black Friday offers discounts of up to 60%;  paying off

Amazon’s Warms Up Black Friday offers discounts of up to 60%; paying off

On the company’s website there are thousands of advertisements for products with discounts of up to 60%. Learn more details.

Amazon decided to set up promotions not just for Black Friday, 11/26, but for the whole month of November. On the company’s website, there are thousands of ads about products with the extension Discounts up to 60%. The promotions were segmented based on Amazon segments. Thus, there are 30% discounts on electronics from some brands, such as Sony, Intelbras and Go Pro.

Regarding the books section, Amazon is offering promotions of up to 60% on e-books and 50% on physical books. Other products are also at different prices, such as toys, food and beverages, items related to the fashion sector, etc. All new Black Friday discounts can be checked directly on Amazon The company’s website.

Black Friday adiantada do PicPay

PicPay also announced exclusive promotions Even before Black Friday. Thus, fintech will refund 15% of the products purchased with the card (cashback). PicPay has partnered with some companies to secure the initiative, such as Netshoes, Casas Bahia, Centauro, Evino, Carrefour, Boticário, Natura, Nike and C&A.

However, it’s worth noting that each company has a different cashback logic.

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