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Amazonense passes the largest dance selection in Brazil and wins a scholarship to the Bolshoi School

Amazonense passes the largest dance selection in Brazil and wins a scholarship to the Bolshoi School

At just 11 years old, Amazonian Murilo Janowska has secured a place at Brazil’s Bolshoi Theater School. He passed the 2023 National Selection, the largest dance selection in the country, which was held on October 6 and 7 in Joinville/South Carolina. The young talent, who was pre-selected from among four thousand registered candidates, was selected from more than 400 children and received a 100% scholarship. He will begin his studies in 2024.

Murillo went through several stages before achieving his big dream. In the first stage, the registration stage, send a video with some exercises. A few days later, notification of the names of those accepted was issued. The criteria evaluated were flexibility, posture, coordination and physical fitness.

“The selection takes place over two days. This face-to-face stage is divided into several stages: the physiotherapist, where a medical board evaluates the candidates… a physical teacher, an orthopedic surgeon, a doctor, and a physiotherapist. The other stage has the cognitive, artistic and musical test.” , explains Murillo’s mother, Jennifer Gomez.

In November, registration will take place for 2024. However, Murillo and his family live in Manaus. In order for him to study at the Bolshoi, they will need to move. “We are working out the logistics of housing and school, among other things… His father and I are even trying to rent a house in Joinville,” highlights Jennifer.

Morello studies in the mornings, and in the afternoons he divides himself between gymnastics, ballet and master classes at Samba School in the UK. “However, now it is just a ballet. It is planned to include a performance in November at the Teatro Amazonas with Alvaro Gonçalves’ company.”

With this 100% scholarship from the Bolshoi School, Murillo intends to continue to excel and aims to be recognized by other companies in the world. “And I always feel the pride I feel in being from Amazonas. To be a role model for northern dancers,” concludes the artist.


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