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Amal Amin makes his directorial debut with the first black British romantic comedy – Entertainment

Written by Marie-Louise Jomochian

LONDON (Reuters) – Partly inspired by his private life, actor Amal Amin said his directorial debut “Boxing Day” differs from other holiday films in that it is the UK’s first predominantly black Christmas romantic comedy.

In addition to directing and co-writing the film, Amin plays Melvin, a British Los Angeles-based writer who returns home to London for Christmas to introduce his American bride Lisa to the British Caribbean family.

Things get complicated when Lisa meets Melvin’s ex-girlfriend, who is now a famous pop star and is still a very close friend of the family.

“It’s a movie about my family and how we do things and it inspired me with ideas about my life. And after that…it’s very clear that it’s the first movie with a mostly black cast and this is a huge historical moment,” Amin told Reuters.

The film provokes a lot of laughs, as well as festive scenes in London. Referring to the popular Christmas movie “Simply Love,” Melvin appeared at Lisa’s window with large greeting cards.

“I may destroy you,” said Amin, better known by the series “Yardi” and “I may destroy you.”

Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock makes her acting debut as an ex-girlfriend from Melvin, Georgia.

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