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Amado Batista Apologizes To Lulinha - 06/21/2022 - Mônica Bergamo

Amado Batista Apologizes To Lulinha – 06/21/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

a Singer Amado Batista Ex-President Lula’s (PT) son and businessman apologized Fabio Luis Lula da Silva, better known as Lulinhaafter existence Subject of a criminal complaint about injury. The two reached an agreement this week before the Court of Justice in Pernambuco.

Last year, in an interview with “Frente a Frente”, broadcast by Rede Nordeste de Rádio, Amadou Batista said that both squid The extent to which their children robbed during the Labor governments.

At the time, Amadou Batista also hinted that one of Lula’s sons would be the owner of the land. He said, “Go to Barra, there to Mato Grosso, that you may see. Live in colour.”

In the singer’s retreat, the singer apologized to Lolinha for attributing “grave wrongdoing” to him and for his misleading claims that the businessman “was going to illegally get rich”.

“Although I have said that Fabio Luis Lula da Silva will be a landowner and a cattle owner in Mato Grosso and Barra, I am aware that this information has drawn my attention from mere rumors that circulated irresponsibly in the community,” says Amado Batista.

Because of the agreement between Amadou Batista and Lulinha that led to the public apology, the penalty for the injury offense was rescinded. The Public Prosecution also supported dropping the penalty and embodied in conservation.

Lulinha and Amado Batista are now asking the judge to determine that the retraction be published on the website and YouTube channel “Blog do Magno”, by presenter Magno Martins, where the singer’s statements were first posted.

“Before Bolsonaro, Brazilian money was being invested to help communist countries,” said Magno Martins, who runs the event. Then Amado added, “Besides stealing insanely, isn’t it? Besides stealing insanely. There are people who were poor before communism here, before the left, who are millionaires today.”

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During the interview, the singer complained to pollsters that at the time already indicated Lola’s advantage About Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the 2022 election. “It’s the media that stopped sucking the government’s nipple, right? And now you want to preach. [filósofo] Karl Marx and [ditador soviético Josef] Stalin They said ten lies became facts. And he continued: “Is this the country that people want, from thieves?”

The criminal complaint submitted to the judge stated that because of the singer’s statements, the former president’s son was forced to witness an unjust crime against him and his family members.

“[Fábio Luís] He has always stayed out of the political spotlight, and has built a career as an entrepreneur in the gaming sector, even if, from time to time, he finds himself facing the challenges he does. He brought his father’s political exposure on himstated in the lawsuit.

Defense of the businessman led the lawyer Fabio Tovec Simantop And merged by lawyers Marco Aurelius de Carvalho and Mariana Tranci Ortiz.

Read Amado Batista’s full apology to Lulinha below:

“I, AMADO RODRIGUES BATISTA, singer and businessman, publicly retract the abuses and expressions unfairly made against FÁBIO LUIS LULA DA SILVA in an interview with journalist Magno Martins on May 28, 2021, published on the social network YouTube and with repercussions in various media .

I apologize to FÁBIO LUÍS LULA DA SILVA for the unjust manner in which I have ascribed serious crimes to him, and I also confess that my statements which I would have unlawfully enriched were wrong.

Although I have said that FÁBIO LUÍS LULA DA SILVA will be a landowner and a cattle owner in Mato Grosso and Barra, I acknowledge that this information has drawn my attention from mere rumors that have spread irresponsibly in the community.

Hence, I have come to formally retract the statements used in the interview, as I have never had evidence to substantiate what was said.”

with Bianca Vieira, Carina Matias And the Manuela Smith

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