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Alvaro Pacheco regrets Vasco’s new defeat and talks about his dismissal: “I cannot give up” |  Vasco

Alvaro Pacheco regrets Vasco’s new defeat and talks about his dismissal: “I cannot give up” | Vasco

Watch Alvaro Pacheco’s press conference after Vasco’s defeat to Juventus

Hey Vasco De Alvaro Pacheco suffered another defeat on Wednesday evening, this time to Juventus. In the press conference after the match, the Portuguese coach expressed his regret for the result, and stated that the team entered the match nervous at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium in Caxias do Sul.

– We really wanted to continue improving, we wanted the first win. It was a match we entered nervously, I think we didn’t have the ability in the first 30 minutes to control the match, and we left a lot of space for our opponents. And then, yes, we struck a balance. We finished the first half of the game, and we talked at halftime. We started very well in the second half, controlling space. In Vasco’s best moment, we conceded the goal. It’s a team moment, it made us feel uncomfortable. He said that the goal affected us.

My players were looking for the result, but not in the right way. There was a lack of positional play. We made some hasty decisions, but we still had the chance to score an equaliser. In the last minute we conceded the second goal. It’s a complicated moment, but we have to keep working to be better prepared for the next match. I can’t give up or doubt my abilities. The coach added: “We are going through a moment that we did not want, but we have to work and focus.”

Alvaro Pacheco – Juventus x Vasco – Photo: Luiz Erbes/AGIF

Alvaro Pacheco’s press conference began more than an hour after the end of the match. But the coach denied discussing his dismissal.

– I did not come early because I was waiting for someone to call me, and when they called me I came. Nothing happened, and I’m not a coach who gives up. In every moment of our life there are good times and bad times, and in times of failure we have to become stronger. I will become much stronger as a coach. I really believe in what I’m working on, what I’m developing with the team and I believe the results will show in our approach and the way we train. So we have to continue and focus on what work is. Only work can get us out of this situation.

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Read more about Alvaro Pacheco’s press conference:

The first four matches

– I’m not a coach who really likes to make excuses, but we arrived at Vasco at a complicated time, with a lot of transitions and instability as we get to know the club and especially the athletes and what the team has. It is clear that when you get this result, with instability, you lose something, you lose distinction, and we cannot hide that the first two opponents were very strong, trained for a long time, had some routine and very dynamic players. strong. In these three matches we created some anxiety.

– I think that in the last match at home, we had a response that was in line with what we wanted and wanted. Today we couldn’t continue that, but I think that’s part of the process, we have to stay rational and realize what was good today, especially more grit and ability to think about the game. We were prepared for what the opponent did for us, but I think it’s about the present moment. We need more calm and security to make our decisions. And I, as a coach, have to give that to the players.

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Bad performance and heavy atmosphere

-We can’t escape. As a coach, I won’t run away. It’s obviously a complicated moment, it’s a moment where Vasco fans feel sad, not just with us, but with me too, and that’s understandable. What we have to do is keep working, what we cannot do is doubt who we are, doubt our abilities, and doubt what we want to do. There’s one thing I know: we have to work, and we all have to come together more and more. It is a complex situation, and we realize that we are the ones who must get out of this together. The locker room is sad, and the team is increasingly establishing a relationship.

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– I don’t agree with you when you say there was no development, I think that even though it was not a well-constructed game on our part, there was no lack of attitude, there was no lack of delivery, there was no lack of running, there was no lack of There is a lack of them trying to reach the goal. Then I agree with you: not the right way, the way we trained. We talked, but it was more from the heart, and it was more from the delivery. If we didn’t have that attitude, we wouldn’t have been able to create the chances we had to reach the draw. Now we need the team to be calmer and handle these moments better to win. What I hope is to take what happened and talk to the athletes and realize that it is very important to have this ability and this clarity. Regarding the hostile environment (at Sao Januario), I think, but we have to be able to take that and turn it into fuel and make us stronger, to show what we want and attract the fans to our side. There’s only one thing to do: play and play to win.

– I feel like the team was able to grow, they were able to recognize some of the behaviors associated with our growth in relation to the last home game. Today we could not continue like this, but this is related to the moment, with the discomfort and failure to achieve positive results, which makes us lose reassurance and confidence. Obviously I would like to have more training time, with the match sequence, which I use to get to know the players in matches and not just in training, because sometimes it is important to test a player not only in training. But in the game. If you notice, we have already tested a lot of testers in the game, so I can get a feel for my part what their intentions are in the game. My knowledge of actors is getting deeper and deeper. I believe that in all categories and in all countries, there are margins that need to be strengthened and I will not shy away from this topic. But what I have to focus on now is the players, and what I have to do to make them stronger to achieve victory.

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– We talked in the locker room about the nature of the match and, without a doubt, the disappointment (with the result). We hoped to achieve a good result. Tomorrow I will train and think about the next challenge.

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