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Alternate space: close av.  Lauro Sodré sparks exercise

Alternate space: close av. Lauro Sodré sparks exercise

The street blockage by the Porto Velho air base continues to raise questions to the contrary by residents of the capital. This time, it was denounced by citizens angry at the driving ban on Lauro Sodré Street, which gives access to the military base, located near Jorge Teixeira Airport.

The place is widely used for physical exercise such as walking, cycling and running.

One of those people who use this part of Avenida Lauro Sodré to exercise is English teacher and public servant, Maria Elisa Bucar. And this measure was classified by the Air Force Base Command as unfortunate.

I think closing the street is the total lack of common sense and respect for the residents of Porto Velho. I also find it arbitrary and an abuse of power. They started closing the street leading to the air base and SIVAM / SIPAM in March 2021. They claim it for the safety of bystanders. I’ve already called several Military Police officers who keep us out of the way and everyone says something“, He said.

The teacher also said that she went to the Public Prosecution Office to try to understand why the road was blocked. In the complaint, she said she had always used that space to exercise for at least 22 years and had never had any problems. However, this situation changed about a month ago and the passage of pedestrians and cyclists was banned on the street.

The first time, I was surprised by signs that read “No cyclists and pedestrians from passing through” with four policemen armed with rifles. The officers were rude when I asked the reason for the ban. After that day, they are there every day, armed, angry and forbidding us from this road. Gentlemen, I am angry at this situation. Absolutely amazed and afraid“, He declared.

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Maria Elisa stated that she has always had a lot of affection and admiration for the air base, because she always has close proximity activities to the Porto Velho community. She cited, for example, the event “the gates of the air base were opened.”

It was an incredible event! In fact, they have received the community with affection and respect. But, apparently, that time is up, because the current director of that agency is throwing this entire relationship with the Porto Velho community in the trash. But I do not intend to be silent in this situationHe stressed.

Another hesitant in space, who uses it to cycling with a group of friends, and is indignant about the ban on commanding the air base is engineer Liandro de Almeida Loyola. According to him, the army’s claim to prevent the movement immediately is very weak.

They claim it is for protection. But protection from what, if your whole life is open? The air base, as well as SIPAM, are all surrounded, and they have security restrictions, entry restrictions etc … in our opinion, this is not true! Paid for public lighting there, paving and everything from public resources, with which we all cooperate. We believe this is an abuse of power and harms our right to come and goHe evaluated.

They can close

The report contacted the Municipal Transport Secretariat (Cemetran) and spoke with the Secretary of the Portfolio, Colonel Ronaldo Flores. He said that the administration of the air base could prevent curfews on the road.

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There is at Lauro Sodré, a stretch between Avenida Jorge Teixeira and the Air Force Base is an aviation area. This path is not public. When I closed, I questioned the secretary of SEMUR (the municipality for the regulation of land, housing and construction) about whether this route was public or private aviation and he assured me that the area is for aviation“, It is to explain.